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The machine adapts to the material of pvc, pu leather natural leather leatheoid and cloth for shoes clothing and leather products it can automatically gelatinize and fold.
With hot glue the machine adapts to the singlechip to control hot- cement and folding, the whole process realizes intelligence.
The machine can slow the speed of folding automatically when outcurve and can fold with force type. Adopt the touch control panel, hot glue temperature, the rubber current capacity, extruding glue digital display, the rubber current adjustment is convenient. The folding width can be adjusted to 3-8mm and the adhesive belt can be together folded.
8747 a has the function of inturn, auto-cutting, (8747b manual contro cutting).
Extruding glue system has double protection, excellent performance, 8747 a/b is equipped with double function, it can edgefold, also can make french edge wrapping, the edgefold effect and work efficiency are 4 to 8 times than manual control.

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Address: Address: Unit No.9, Vinayak Industrial Estate, Near Tirupati Industrial Estate, Near MBC Garden Vasai East, Palghar - 401210, Maharashtra India.
Phone: 9975472371

Machine Details

Category Universal
Sub Category Industrial Machinery
Model Industrial Sewing Machine
Model Name/Number JN-8747
Condition New Machine
Year 2023
Warranty Not Specified

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