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Put the primer on the shoe materials, after drying, through uv's radiation, to make the shoe material more attaching. fast drying, save space and energy, improve the quality, mass production, low the production cost, with low temp. to avoid shape distortion of eva foaming.
If uv lamp cannot work with bright, machine will start alarms to show by trouble light. when uv system have problem, alarm light witll spark and conveyor stop working.

Model- JN-948
Weight- 600kg
Production -6000pairs/8h
Voltage- 380V
Packing size- 2400×1020×2080mm

Contact Information

Address: Address: Unit No.9, Vinayak Industrial Estate, Near Tirupati Industrial Estate, Near MBC Garden Vasai East, Palghar - 401210, Maharashtra India.
Phone: 9975472371
Email: era@gmail.com

Machine Details

Category Universal
Sub Category Industrial Machinery
Model Industrial Sewing Machine
Model Name/Number JN-948
Condition New Machine
Year 2023
Warranty Not Specified

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