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This machine is used for forepart finished, effectively soften shoe upper by temperature steam and dry hot air after lasting, the strong wind blows away the leather of the upper, help the shoe to shape quickly.
Choose the corresponding shaping mode according to the material, accurate shaping.
Adopt the internal circulation structure, make the upper shaping fast, power saving and less use last.
Adopt injection type air dust design, special design stainless steel heating case, super high wind pressure, make hot air and steam are convected rapidly, achieve to prevent the wrinkle and dry shaping quickly, upper is close to last, completely change the unscientific traditional oven process.
This machine adopts variable frequency drive stainless steel chain net, never deviate, shaping time is numerical control, safe and reliable.

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Address: Address: Unit No.9, Vinayak Industrial Estate, Near Tirupati Industrial Estate, Near MBC Garden Vasai East, Palghar - 401210, Maharashtra India.
Phone: 9975472371

Machine Details

Category Universal
Sub Category Industrial Machinery
Model Industrial Sewing Machine
Model Name/Number JN-732
Condition New Machine
Year 2023
Warranty Not Specified

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